(1) Don’t all real estate firms provide Advisory Services?
A multitude of firms in the industry provide advice, however few firms offer the experience and advice to correct major challenges with commercial projects. We are often retained to resolve situations caused by poor advice received from unqualified sources. If you are seeking the quality of strategic and tactical advice that will position your initiative for success and certainty of execution then we would invite you to compare the qualifications and track record of our advisory practice to other service providers within in the industry.
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(2) How does ACF charge for Advisory Services?
Consulting with a qualified Advisory Service is a prudent investment of time and money. If you want to know if your project is viable and possesses all the right essentials to generate projected returns on investment. There is no better way than to provide assurances that every step was taken carefully, and that the numbers work for all parties involved with your project. We have discovered that some firms are willing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars at risk in a real estate investment, but not be willing to spend $5,000 to have their project evaluated by professionals. We have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how we structure our fees to make sure that the investment in advisory services adds to the ROI of a project.
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