(1) How long is the lease application process?
When ACF Leasing Solutions receives a completed credit application, we can render a credit decision in as little as two hours.
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(2) Can I select my own equipment?
Yes. You have the choice of selecting your own equipment up-front and then applying for a lease or you can get pre-approved and then select your equipment with confidence.
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(3) Once I am approved, what happens next?
Once the credit application is approved, lease documents are delivered to you for your signature. Once we’ve received the signed documents and you’ve accepted your equipment, we will make payment to the vendor.
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(4) How will leasing affect my company’s cash flow?
Leasing offers lower monthly payments than other financing sources. Those lower payments can help you bring revenues and expenses into closer alignment. And because payments are fixed, you can forecast future expenses more accurately and improve your budgeting process.
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(5) Is a down payment required?
Leasing is generally considered 100% financing, with two advance payments usually required.
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(6) How are lease payments structured?
While most leases provide for regular monthly payments, payments may be made in advance, in arrears, or at irregular intervals. Terms range from 24 to 60 months and can be customized to suit your company’s needs.
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(7) What is a “fair market value” purchase option?
You can purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for its fair market value – the price at which the equipment you’ve leased would be sold by a willing seller and purchased by a willing buyer.
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(8) Can lease payments be reduced?
Lower monthly or quarterly lease payments can be arranged. It’s important to understand that while an extended term may lower the amount of the individual payment, the aggregate amount paid over the term of the lease will be higher.
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(9) Can I purchase the equipment I’ve leased?
At the end of the lease term, you have three options:
• Return the equipment.
• Purchase the equipment.
• Continue to lease the equipment on a month-to-month basis.
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(10) What is a “dollar-out” purchase option?
A “dollar-out” purchase option gives you the opportunity, at the end of the lease, to purchase the equipment you’ve leased for $1.
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(11) What is “Purchase Upon Termination” or “PUT”?
“Purchase Upon Termination” is a type of lease in which you purchase the equipment for a pre-determined amount of the original purchase cost, at the end of the lease term.
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